They are not only our competition team, they are our colleagues. They compete with the products they develop, test, sell themselves. They are SKYLOTEC.

They live for climbing

Where the needs of the world meet your talents, there lies your calling.


They live for climbing, in their professional and private lives. They know the challenges of Rope Based Access from their own experience. They work at SKYLOTEC to find and develop the best and safest products and solutions for these challenges.

As SKYLOTEC Performance Team, they constantly push our products to the limit. As employees, they bring this experience back into the company. This is the most direct and best feedback imaginable.

And that is important. Because in what we do, “good” is not good enough. We protect people from falling.

in Action

We develop our products where it counts: In action.

Accompany the SKYLOTEC Performance Team on its missions!